Strong Password Generator

Clustered Networks is pleased to announce our new "Strong Password Generator" built as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

As more and more websites become compromised, it is ever more important to use a differerent password for every site. Our new Strong Password Generator will assist you in creating different passwords with options such as length, type of characters and symbols.

Quite often, it’s easy to guess that if a person logs in with username A and password B on a website such as Dropbox, it’s likely that they’ll use the same username and password other systems like Gmail, Paypal, or just about any system that they might be likely to use.

But by breaching one account, hackers are also often given clues that’ll let them easily access other accounts. For example, your Facebook login is your email address and some password. Well, if they’ve hacked your email address and you use the same password everywhere, they now know how to login as you on Facebook.

Account confirmations and notifications are also frequently sent via email. What that means is that your hacked email account might contain many clues as to just what other accounts that you might have.

If you use the same password everywhere, it’s easy pickings for the hacker to then quickly try those out and login as you all over.

Worse still, If you use the same username and password for your bank account, the hacker could empty it before you would even be aware of the situation!

Therefore, we recommend using a "Strong Password Generator" to assist you in creating unique passwords for each website.

To Store your passwords we recommend a Stong Password Manager such as LogMeOnce.

Posted in Network Security, Uncategorized on Nov 05, 2019

Random Strong Password Generator

Need a Strong Random Password Generator? Check out the new Progressive Web App (PWA). Works Great on Mobile, Tablet or your Desktop!